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We provide a number of services to help you through this difficult time.

We offer Quality of Life discussion and assessment to help you determine your pet's needs. Where necessary, we offer home euthanasia services, and a full set of after-care options including cremation, burial and funeral services.

Quality of life consultation

Quality of life is best assessed in the animal's normal environment. Serenity Vet Services can assess your animal at home in a place they feel safe and secure.

Prior to the appointment I will review your animal's medical history and discuss their care with your normal vet.
During the appointment I will discuss with you their medication and care needs.
I will address any concerns about their day to day life that you may have.
I can then help you to determine their needs and provide recommendations to help make them as comfortable as possible.

I can provide information on the following -

  • Feeding an elderly/unwell animal
  • Supplements and vitamins available
  • Pain relief
  • Administering medication
  • Exercise
  • Equipment available to assist care
  • Laser therapy
  • Hydrotherapy

I will also provide a quality of life checklist to help you determine when their quality of life has deteriorated and when euthanasia has to be considered. The consultation will last approx an hour which will give the time needed to fully assess the needs of your pet.

An elderly dog
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Palliative care in your own home

Veterinary palliative care is a rapidly evolving branch of veterinary medicine which is largely based on human palliative care.

Owners ideally want their pet’s last days or weeks to be spent at home rather than in a kennel at a veterinary surgery away from their family.

Many medications and treatments required towards the end of an animal’s life can’t be administered by an owner as they often involve injections or special equipment.

Palliative care is required when an animal still has some quality of life and is able to continue with most aspects of their normal daily life.

It is also useful when a family is not ready for euthanasia or a member of the family is travelling to be with the animal when the end comes.

Diseases and conditions where palliative care may be required

  • Cancer
  • Kidney Disease
  • Heart failure
  • Respiratory disease
  • Gastrointestinal conditions
  • Arthritis
  • Fractures
  • Muscle pain
  • Ligament rupture
  • Nervous system diseases
  • Cognitive dysfunction

Serenity Vet Services offers an initial palliative care consult in your home.

I will review previous medical history prior to the appointment and will discuss medical treatment with your normal veterinary surgery.

Quality of life will be assessed and I will discuss all concerns you have in regards to your animal.

Possible physical and medical assistance that may be available to make your pet more comfortable will be advised.

Nutrition advice and different types of food that may be more beneficial or easier to feed will be discussed.

I will demonstrate techniques for oral medicine administration and any other procedures that may be required.

An ongoing plan and appointment schedule will be agreed with you.

I will provide a guide to knowing when your animal’s quality of life has decreased and when a decision on euthanasia may be required.

Follow up appointments are then available to administer medication by injection such as strong pain relief.

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When the time comes I can provide Euthanasia (put to sleep) in your home, car, garden or at the crematorium.

Initially I will provide a sedative injection under the skin, like a vaccination injection, so that your pet drifts off to sleep calmly over 10-15 minutes.

They can fall asleep on your knee, on thier bed, on your bed or a sofa. As long as there is sufficient light available it is entirely up to you where you feel your pet is happiest.

The final injection is then administered once they are fully asleep.
Within a few minutes your animal will pass away.

You can be with them throughout the procedure or can leave the room at any time you wish. Every animal is different and I will discuss with you at the time of booking what is best for you and your pet.

You are then able to spend as much time with them once they are gone as you need and I can stay with you or wait outside.

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After care

You have the choice of either home burial, burial at a pet cemetery or cremation. I am able to provide a full after care service for your pet.

In the case of cremation, I can return your pets ashes to your home or you can collect them from the crematorium within a week.

  • Home burial

    Many people like to bury their animal in their garden and I can advise you on requirements for this. I have an advice sheet that I can provide you detailing the requirements and practicalities of home burial.
    If required, we can supply pet coffins; please get in touch for further details.

  • Pet cemetery

    I work alongside Respect Green Burials who are located in Bawtry. They offer a pet burial service and I can provide information on this service and assist you in making all arrangements for transportation etc.

  • Cremation

    When you are ready I can take your pet directly to the crematorium for you after they have passed. Alternatively you can make your own arrangements with a crematorium of your choice (see list below) I work with a local pet crematorium based in Rotherham, Old Flatts Farm. It is an independent crematorium who provide a very caring and compassionate service.

  • Group cremation

    Several pets are cremated together and ashes are scattered in the fields surrounding the crematorium.

  • Individual cremation

    Your pet is cremated on their own and ashes are returned to you. These are returned to you in either a scatter tube or bamboo scatter pouch. There is a large variety of other ways that ashes can be returned to you if preferred.

    • Jewellery and keepsakes
    • Urns and caskets
    • Artwork

    A full list with prices is available on www.oldflattsfarm.co.uk

  • Celebrant Pet funeral Service

    As valued members of our family many people would like a traditional funeral for their pet. I can make all arrangements needed for this. The funeral can be conducted by one of our humanist celebrants who will meet with you and discuss all your needs. They will talk through the type of ceremony that you would like to remember your pet. This ceremony can take place at your home, a cemetery or crematorium of your choice.

Local crematoriums

All Pets at Peace

All Pets at Peace is a bespoke cremation service located in Epworth, Doncaster. Cremation appointments are available 365 days a year. The cremation takes place straight away and ashes are available for collection the same day. This can provide closure for you on the day. Euthanasia can take place at the crematorium if preferred. I am able to transport your pet after euthanasia to All Pets at Peace if this is the crematorium you select.

PCS Doncaster

PCS provides dignified pet cremation services at a number of UK locations.

WJW Pet cremation services

WJS Pet Cremation Services provide a simple, discreet and personal service which reflects the importance of your pet, in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

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